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School and training

 French school 


Come spend 3 months at YWAM Provence to improve your French and to serve God in a French speaking region.

We invite you to 1 month of classes followed by 2 months of immersion.

This internship will be held in parallel with our Foundations in Intercultural studies (FIS). We will have a number of common activities, like worship times, intercession, small group sharing and life in community. Take advantage of this opportunity to capture the father’s heart for the nations, specifically North Africa and the Muslim world, all while learning French.


Foundations for Intercultural Studies – FIS

-Connect cultures . Love different-


85%. This figure may not speak to you, yet it is the percentage of Muslims who have never heard of Jesus’ love. It’s huge, isn’t it? Like us, are you one of those who have an open heart for our Muslim friends? Do you want to get to know them better and meet them? Do not wait any longer and register for the school of Foundations for Intercultural Studies (FIS) here at JEM Provence!

Multigenerational DTS

Right now we are running our Multigenerational Discipleship Training School in partnership with YWAM North Africa until March 2020

This is a school that caters to singles and married couples from all nations and generations ( 18 +) !

We are a bilingual school working together in French and English. Join us next year during the Fall 2020.

A DTS (Disciple training school) is a time set a part for God to let Him captivate your heart and to give you a new passion for Him and His kingdom. It is an intensive, residential training course which begins with a 12 week lecture phase, followed by a 9 week outreach.

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